Nir Molad – screenwriter, cartoonist and Animation director. His comics and cartoons were published in “Tel Aviv”, “Blender”, “Ha’Ir” and other israeli magazines. Wrote teleplays, directed animation shorts, authored the cartoon book “The Sound of Musaka” and put on a musical standup show, “Antihero”.

Amos Ellenbogen – illustrator, journalist and lecturer. Graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. His illustrations and cartoons were published in “Yediot Aharonot”, “La’Isha”, “Blazer”, “Einayim” and other magazines. Authored the cartoon book “Ten Reasons to Buy This Book”.

Israeli gag cartoonists Nir Molad and Amos Ellenbogen met randomly at the 2007 Tel Aviv comics fair. They had a drink and started talking about life, comics and points in between. They realized they were in similar stages of their careers; both wanted to show their works to the world at large. A few drinks later, they made an unusual decision for the comics world; They decided to work together. They set aside their egos, gave each other free access to the ideas stored in their right brains, and went to work.

Two years later, 80 of their collaborations were shown as “Blisters”, the Israeli Cartoon Museum’s summer show. Shortly thereafter they opened a website containing 100 of their cartoons, hoping to show their work throughout the known universe, attain eternal glory and become filthy rich.